Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Windows Live Writer Code Snippet Plugin

I love Windows Live Writer as a blogging application and use it pretty much exclusively for writing my blog posts. The only downside is that I have found it difficult to get code snippets formatted correctly in my posts. Luckily a friend of mine, Tyson Swing, turned me on to a great code snippet plugin for Windows Live writer.


The Windows Live Writer code snippet plugin is aptly named “CodeSnippet” and you can download it here: 

This Windows Live Writer code snippet plugin is provided by Leo Vidosola.


Personally, I have found that the following settings work well for the “CodeSnippet” plug in:

  • Be sure to select the correct code language
  • No Line Numbers
  • No Alternate Lines
  • No Container

Aaron Schnieder


Joel Dahlin said...

Man, another very useful post that I will certainly be using. It looks like your blog is full of great tips. Thanks for sharing, I am now a subscriber.

Joel Dahlin |

Aaron Schnieder said...

@Joel: Glad you have found the posts useful!