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Team Foundation Server (TFS) Installation Errors & Fixes

I have had the unfortunate pleasure of conducting three different Team Foundation Server - TFS - installations in the last couple of years. Each installation has been difficult to say the least and each installation has presented me with new & challenging errors. To benefit others who need to install TFS, this post is dedicated to TFS installation errors and how to fix them.
If you have a TFS installation error & fix you would like me to add to this post, please put it in the comments and I will get it added ASAP.
Hopefully this post can become a single valuable resource for TFS installation error troubleshooting.

Before You Install

  • If you are upgrading, BACK UP EVERYTHING!!!!
  • Follow the TFS installation guide STEP BY STEP; if you skip a step you are probably screwed (you can find the guide here)
  • Setup the pre-requisite domain accounts TFSSETUP;TFSSERVICE;TFSREPORTS and use them as described in the TFS installation guide
  • MAKE SURE TFSSETUP is in the local Administrators groups on all TFS related servers
  • MAKE SURE you log in as TFSSETUP to perform ALL of the component installations

General Useful Information

  • The installation log files are stored in your account's temp folder, to view it just click on Start -> Run and type %temp%
  • Delete all of the existing files in your temp directory before you attempt the TFS installation, this will make sure you can find the files you need
  • The TFS installation log of note is called VSMsiLog538C.txt or something similar
  • Create a .reg file in Notepad with the following lines and execute it before performing the installation to enable verbose TFS installation logging

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Reporting Services Related Errors

If you get any errors during TFS installation, use the following troubleshooting steps to make sure that Reporting Services is installed & functioning correctly.
  • Open Internet Explorer and try to browse to http://yourservername/reports
    If this doesn't work, look in the Application log for errors and try to resolve those errors
  • Open SQL Reporting Services Configuration utility
    Make sure that none the system checks are in error state


In my installation I resolved the errors with the fixes I have listed below and Reporting Services was running great. However, the TFS install would still fail and after I exited the installation Reporting Services would be broken. As it turns out the TFS install was changing Reporting Services configuration during the installation and breaking Reporting Services along the way!!! So here is what I did to fix it:
  • Make sure Reporting Services is working correct by visiting http://yourservername/reports in IE
  • Start the TFS Install
  • When you get the Reporting Services error LEAVE THE INSTALL RUNNING
  • Go back and fix Reporting Services until you can successfully view http://yourservername/reports again
  • Go back to the TFS Installer and click "Retry"; the install should work from there!!!

Error: 28806

Cause #1:
The TFS application pool should be running under the TFSSERVICE identity to provide the necessary security authorizations & identification.
Fix #1:
  • Open Internet Information Server Manager
  • Go into Application Pools
  • Right click on the Reporting Services application pool
  • Click on the Identity tab and change the identity to TFSSERVICE
  • Try the installation again
Cause #2:
Reporting Services database connection is currently set to SQL Login or Service Credentials. The connection needs to be using Windows Authentication.
Fix #2:
  • Open Reporting Services Configuration
  • Click on the Database Connection menu item on the left
  • Change the login type to Windows Authentication
  • Use the TFSSERVICE credentials to login
  • Try the installation again

Error: 28805

Cause #1:
The Reporting Services encryption key is being bad.
Fix #1:
For whatever reason sometimes the TFS install just doesn't like the Reporting Services Encryption Key that RS decided to generate. In these circumstances, Error 28805 can be fixed by doing the following:
  • Open Reporting Services Configuration
  • Click on the Encryption Keys menu item on the left
  • Backup the existing key to somewhere safe
  • Delete the encryption key
  • Try the installation again

Error: 32000

Cause #1:
During an upgrade scenario the schemas from the old version of TFS may have become corrupted somehow. The schema corruption is the root of the error and causing the installation to fail.
Fix #1:
Replace the corrupted schemas with good ones. This might require a call to Microsoft to get the uncorrupted schemas (I had to.)

Hope this helps.

Remember, post your problems/solutions in the comments and I will add them to the list.

- Aaron
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